No doubt about it! David Burton is PASSIONATE about his homemade ice cream! His quaint company, BURTON BROTHER ice cream, was created out of NECESSITY! Anyone and everyone who tried it demanded more! And yes, he still insists on making it one, small (6 quart) batch at a time!

Burton’s LOVE for Ice cream dates back to his nostalgic childhood and was shared by his three brothers. In fact, the Burton brothers were far more interested in sneaking out at night to buy ice cream than to cause mischief!

As the years rolled by, Burton’s CRAVING for INTENSE flavors combined with FRESH CREAM could not be satisfied with anything on the market. So, over the last decade he did what any true ice cream GURU would do: he made it himself.

Now, with over 50 flavors and countless craving fans, Burton’s true SATISFACTION comes when he can "scoop up a bowl of pure JOY" for the astonished consumer.

We’re sure that no other ice cream is made quiet like this, as Burton’s secret ingredient is definitely UNIQUE!

We must inform you; however, that Burton’s child-like ENTHUSIASM for his ice cream is CONTAGIOUS!